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Magnumstone Wall Stone

The MagnumStone™ product is a large block, hollow core, wet-cast segmental retaining wall system that uses nearly half the amount of concrete per face metre when compared to traditional solid systems. The environmental and economical advantages of the precast hollow block MagnumStone™ product are unprecedented in the retaining wall industry. Because of its size and design flexibility, MagnumStone™ is ideal for almost any retaining wall project from residential to large commercial installations.

Unit to unit connection uses our patented, mortarless, SecureLug™ interlock system (no expensive, time consuming pins or clips.) and are light enough that they can be moved two at a time with lighter machinery such as a standard Bobcat.

A wet cast segmental retaining wall product provides freeze/thaw durability advantages over competing products, a critical factor for the Departments Of Transport work that MagnumStone™ is very well suited for. The wet-cast process also allows for unique through-wall applications, face options and logo details for any type of project.


• Face Width: 1219mm

• Back Width: 991mm

• Depth: 610mm

• Height: 610mm

• Weight: 602kg


• Major Landscaping Projects including Housing Estates

• Public Works including Roads and Carparks

• Public Walkways

• Schools and Public Buildings

• Courtyards

Colours *:-
Magnumstone Wall Stone

Magnumstone Wall Stone

* As with all natural stone products colours may vary

Magnumstone Wall Stone

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