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Concrete Sleepers

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Blocks and Pavers Direct supply Concrete Sleepers, Retaining Walls, clay bricks as well as the ingredients for brick work construction including sand and brickies loam.

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Australian made, Reinforced Concrete Sleepers are long lasting and guaranteed for up to 35 years. They are the perfect retaining wall solution for walls up to 3m and they are completely termite proof.

Concrete Sleepers Are Versitile

Concrete sleepers and posts are relatively easy to install and can be used for a number of purposes, like a feature or retaining wall, around decking, garden beds, along driveways or walkways, swimming pool or pergola backdrops.

DIY Projects and Installation

The installation of concrete sleepers is an easy one. They are designed to simply be placed one on top of the other in galvanised formwork. Blocks and Paver Direct offer a full range of Concrete Sleeper accessories and simple to follow instructions.

Concrete sleepers and posts can be a DIY project. Just keep in mind that concrete can be heavy and sometimes a difficult material to work with and therefore can be dangerous. However for those with a little experience working with concrete, a DIY concrete sleeper installation need not to be too hard. Other wise get an expert to the job and efficiently.

Benefits Of Concrete Sleepers

The benefits when using concrete sleepers and posts as a foundation for a structure, concrete is super tough, and has an infinite lifespan. Because they never warp, crack, crumble or rot Plus, there is so many colours, styles, shapes and finishes to select from. Meaning that concrete sleeps can be customizable to suit just about any situation.

Long Lasting Concrete Sleepers

Good quality concrete sleepers have been known to stand in place for 50-60 years without showing any wear or damage. Concrete sleepers are made containing reinforced with steel. Concrete upright posts are usually made from galvanised steel, and come in a verity of sizes. The centre posts are in a "H" patten and "C" pattern, for the ends.

Concrete sleeper products will NOT rust, rot and corrode and are termite resistant.


The size of Concrete Sleepers are 200mm in height and 75mm wide, they all include internal steel reinforcing, keeping them solid, strong and dependable.

Colours and Finishes

Concrete Sleepers come in a range of colours and finishes.


Concrete Sleepers are rated to 5kPa which means they are made to be durable, strong and long lasting. Concrete Sleepers are very capable of withstanding significant force.


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