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Blocks and Pavers Direct Brisbane Matt Casaceli spent many years in transport delivering goods to the building industry.

During this time Matt met many people completing home projects, tradesman and labourers alike and saw valuable customers being let down and not being given the service they required.

Getting the right product and offering a better service for the customer proved to be the correct direction to move into and demand and customers grew rapidly.

Now a full time business, Matt supplies all Boral Products, Austral Products, and PGH Bricks direct from all the brick manufacturers and building supplies companies.

Steel (reo & mesh) has been added to his list so to provide a full service to the smaller guys who do not have the larger buying power needed to buy at a competitive price. Sand, gravel, cement and loam can all be supplied to make it a one stop shop.

As the time passes the demand for our building products continues to grow and expand and we can honestly say, "There is not much we can not get our hands on!"

Matt prides himself on the achievement made with the business and is constantly looking for ways to improve the way he services the industry realising that tradesman and his direct customers wanted and need to be supplied the right product quickly and efficiently so there is no down time.

Customers are Important! No one wants to pay more than they need too!

Matt's business Blocks and Pavers Direct has gone from strength to strength and today has hundreds of satisfied customers and tradesman purchasing form him every day.

We invite you to give us a call, talk to us about all your particular project and let us make you a future BPD Customer.


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